Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about offers you cloud based web tools developed by Agents for Agents. These tools are based on proven models that work in the real estate business. REVA – your Real Estate Virtual Assistant, provides you a total system for success. Some companies offer contact management systems, some design websites, others training, education or business management tools. developed REVA…a complete solution that integrates lead generation, capture and management, website design, business statistics, cash flow projections, agent productivity reports and advanced training methods. And best of all, REVA was designed to support multiple users who work together as a team or brokerage, as well as individuals. You have the option to subscribe to all or specific applications based on your personal real estate business needs.

How do I Get Started?

Just click the “Get Started” link and follow the directions to set up your account and select the services you need for your business. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for your account to be activated. A customer service representative will contact you to answer any questions.

You offer several types of accounts. Which is best for me?

We offer two options designed to match the needs of your practice.

  1. REVA Solo: An Individual that works alone and does not require multiple agent logins.
  2. REVA Team: A group of agents who combine resources such as an office, transaction coordinator, web site, advertising etc. or a brokerage that require multiple agent logins.

You offer an IDX App - what is IDX & why do I need it?

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) allows your website to provide a Search feature so your website visitors can search all approved MLS properties in your area. REVA uses this feature to maximize your lead capture and management capability. Your IDX Back Office Feature allows you to see what your leads are viewing and how often they are visiting your site.

What is included with the MREB Website Application?

You will be provided a user-friendly, template based, website, ready for your development. Standard Brokerage Logos and forms will be pre-loaded. If you subscribe to the optional IDX application, it will be installed and you will be provided a link to set up your search tool. Your account will be set up for the Administrator. If multiple agents are included, the Administrator is capable of setting up additional account assignments. Sample Drip Messages and Auto Responses will be provided.

What if I already have a website? Can I still use REVA?

Absolutely, REVA was designed to work with all websites. Our technicians will require access to your site in order to install the REVA functionality. Based on your marketing campaigns being used, additional programming fees may be required.

Can I capture leads from multiple marketing campaigns?

REVA is compatible with IDX and many alternate real estate lead sources. Your specific marketing campaigns can be implemented through REVA to auto-populate those leads directly into the REVA lead management system for immediate response and follow up. There is a programming charge to set up each marketing campaigns or ad source.

Domains..what are they and how do I get one?

In order to have a website you must first have a domain. This is the name of your website/business which is selected and purchased by you. You may obtain a domain from or any other domain site vendor. Simply perform a search for the name you want. If it is available, you purchase it and will use that as your domain for your web site. You will receive annual bills for your domain maintenance and you pay those directly to the domain vendor of your choice. It is extremely important that you maintain your domain name since if you lose it you no longer own it and your web site identity is no longer yours. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

How do I select an Effective Domain Name?

An effective Domain Name is something that would come up with a broad search entry by a prospect. For example, if you are in real estate in Phoenix, AZ, your domain might have something to do with Phoenix real estate, homes in Phoenix, etc. It is best to select a name that has something to do with your core business model so it is easier for prospects/customers to remember. Keep in mind that your website is your notice to the world that you are open for business.

Can I have more than one domain?

Absolutely, and it may be a very good idea to do so. Back to the Phoenix example: Phoenix has many small cities and a prospect may actually be searching by that city instead of Phoenix. For example: Scottsdale or Paradise Valley. Some may even begin a search by a specific subdivision such as Verrado or Red Mountain Ranch, or by some property type, as in golf or horses or active adult communities. You can own a domain that would be discovered by that prospect and inquiries can be directed to your primary web site. Or, if that particular niche justifies it, you might have separate web sites for each domain. The only limit is your imagination, ambition and budget. To obtain leads from a domain you do not have to have a web site for each one but you must have a primary web site to which to direct traffic. Multiple domains and sites are used as an excellent marketing tool by many very successful agents. You may find that domains and websites are your most cost effective method of lead generation for your business.

What do I do if the domain name I want to use is already taken?

Perform a name search on the website of one of the service providers. If your preferred name is already taken, contact the registered owner and see if they will either sell or rent it to you. If not, keep looking until you find one that will work for you. If the .com extension is not available, you may consider an alternate extension to obtain your desired domain name.

What is the benefit of the Training Application?

The MREB Training site is a valuable application containing many helpful tools, scripts dialogues and recommendations to help you set up or improve your real estate business. The material provided is based on models that work, models designed to help you become a top producing agent. The secrets and methods available to you have been developed based on many years of experience. Don’t recreate the wheel, try this application and use it to improve your personal or team level of performance. Because the training is available on line you or your agents can access it 24/7. There is also a suggested reading list of books categorized to help you with specific areas of your business. We have also provided you a convenient link to let you order directly from Amazon.

How do I pay?

PayPal is our preferred method of payment and is the most secure way to pay. This company is designed to handle internet based buying. It assures the buyer and seller of security in the transaction. To get set up just go to and follow the instructions. You can either apply for a PayPal credit card or use one you already have or use your bank checking account. PayPal can be used to pay all monthly and origination fees.

What if I don’t want to use PayPal?

At we are delighted to have you as a member and receive your payments in the form of a check or money order. Payment by check is acceptable for the initial fee. We will also accept a check when prepaying the monthly fees as an annual total.

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